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Latest Architecture Trends in 2021


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Every time we visit a different place, there is a house that catches your eye. The uniqueness of the architecture, the exterior dimensions, or the creative home renovation designs intrigue us and stay in our hearts and minds for a long time.

That enticing construction can be yours with the best architects working towards it. Before reaching out for office and home designs, equip yourself with the latest trends in architecture so that you know what will make the construction unique.

Latest Architecture Trends in 2021

Sustainable Structure

2020 has been a year of realisation. The human race is now collectively trying to do less harm to the environment and try to live at peace with the surrounding. Though most of the best builders had already adopted a sustainable construction methodology, today, it is imperative to do so.

The best architects in Thrissur prefer to use local materials for construction. They employ the best hands from nearby lands to create architectural wonders. Similarly, green walls and roofs encourage less resource consumption and become trends that shall stay for the coming years.

Steel is in fashion

Steel is in, and the best builders are in love with it. There are quite a few enticing properties of steel that make it desirable for modern construction. It is durable, sustainable and saves a fair amount of time spent on construction.

Most small and medium constructions employ steel for the structure due to their properties. Also, they have already begun to develop steel structures that are highly efficient and cost-effective.

Go Minimalist

Minimalism is the new reigning queen of architecture. Most house designs are now an outcome of thoughtful minimalistic designs. Architects have begun to embrace unconventional materials and chuck out ornamentation that eats up time, money, and materials.

Modern minimalistic designs hugely rely on locally available materials, glass and steel, and minimum cuts and frames. Shortly said, modern minimalistic designs are aesthetic yet sustainable, durable and have a long life.

DIY is in

The lockdown has brought our creative minds to its true limits. Almost every household is busy developing their unique designs and making the house special. Architects also took inspiration and kickstarted 2021 through DIYs.

The sustainable and minimalistic route approached by the best architects in Thrissur roots for DIYs. In your modern homes by the best builders, you can always witness something created out of waste. It may be as basic as turning an old tyre into urban outdoor seating or hanging plastic bottles with tiny plants.

Hello Facades

Thanks to the modern software’s, and the creative minds of our best builders, house designs went from wow to unbelievable. Architects have begun to experiment with forms, making modern construction highly unpredictable.

Modular panels began as a facade changing technology. However, the latest trend surpasses limitations and creates house designs that are easy to install and provide a personalised look to the construction.


Modern architectural trends are not limited to the above. There are variations in designs and space-saving techniques induced to encourage sustainability and minimalism.

 If you want more regarding the latest trends in house designs from the best architects in Thrissur, Consult Rahul Constructions, and we shall readily walk you through it.