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Reasons To Opt For A Ready To Move Villa

Rahul Constructions

Home, habitat, abode, or as some may refer to as the permanent address is a fragile dream. Extensive research goes behind every decision related to investing in this niche. Location, surroundings and proximity to necessities are some of the intrinsic factors that contribute to the process. Purchasing a plot, flat or villa is a personal decision. However, quality properties from reputed builders in Thrissur have to lead to growth in possession of ready to occupy villas. Here are some advantages of buying ready to move villas in Thrissur.

Pay for what you see

Investing in a ready to move villa in Thrissur is advantageous because one has to pay for the outcome. There are no apprehensions and false promises. The old saying that states “one bird in the hand is better than two in the bush” can be rightly quoted in this case. Frequent reports of fraudulent in under-construction homes have made the customer sceptical about spending here. Hence ready to occupy villas is the perfect decision.

Quick takeover

Unlike under-construction homes, a customer doesn’t have to wait for moving into ready to occupy villas. This reduces the stress and anxiety that will prevail until the papers are prepared. The procurement happens in lightning speed.

Low-risk factors

Ready to occupy villas are less risky. There is no place for false promises, as everything is wide open in front of the customer. Hidden costs too are negligible, and the customer will experience full contention while investing here.

GST free

12% Goods and service tax (GST) is charged while purchasing an under-construction home. However, ready to move villas are exempted from this tax. In addition to that, there are also income tax benefits in section 80C, where one saves the principal amount up to 1.50 lakhs. According to section 24b, if you chose to stay in the house rather than renting it, a deduction of up to 2 lakhs can be availed for loan interest, provided that it is your first home.


Villas are independent and do lend privacy to the homeowners. There is still a social factor due to the gated community and many gathering and functions that happen in common areas.

Increase earnings

Home loans are inevitable in both under construction and ready to move villas. However, it might become more comfortable to repay EMIs if is the villa is leased. It will become a source of income. Although the amount for under-construction homes is paid in shares, still the money doesn’t generate any interest until the customer procures the house, which is not a scenario in ready to move villas.

Numerous building contractors in Thrissur do bid to construct high-quality villas for procurement, but a few live up to the expectations. One of them is Rahul constructions who strive to build a robust villa that becomes your dream home and serves generations.

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