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Tips to find a good builder

Rahul Constructions

Finding a right builder is a tougher task than building a home. Only a true building partner who can understand your dreams will be able to make it real with its complete essence. After all a house is more than a living space where you spend your beautiful moments with your family for a life time. Be it a house, a shopping complex or any other building, a regret must not be done later once you select your builder for the construction of your project.

Finding a reliable builder from a huge list of Builders in Thrissur is almost an impossible task. This is where Rahul constructions comes into act. We are the best in delivering the projects undertaken on schedule within the estimated budget. You can check out our references and will understand that you have landed on the right place with the right team of skilled people. A professional builder understand the construction process and the building industry well and co-ordinates labor and materials, plant, tools and equipment.

Here are some tips that we can give you to find the best builders in the industry for your project.

  1. Quality

    A compromise in quality of materials will ultimately effect the structural systems that may be difficult and costly to fix or upgrade later. Any repair of your newly constructed house will cost you more unless and until your builder provides you with the best materials available in the market. Quality is not constrained to just materials but also the quality of work from the builder’s side. Visit the past projects of your builder to ensure that the projects are completed without compromising quality. You should be asking your builder about the structural materials using for the construction before the work. When foundation is strong then everything that follows will also be strong. Your home's longevity must be the key priority of the builder.

  2. Research

    A research on the builder portfolios and past floor plans will be an added advantage once you think about giving your work to a builder. You can enquire about everything that comes to your mind to your friends or relatives or even to the past clients of the builder. Find out whether the builder was able to complete the project on time without delay sticking on to the budget. Also research on the complaints from past clients about the builder if any.

  3. Transparency

    Some of the best builders in Thrissur to work with are fully transparent and happy to answer every question from the start. A timeline and a comprehensive estimate will be provided by them. Their building philosophy will also be reflected in the products they use. A transparent builder will be maintaining good relationship with contractors and all other people who build your home.

  4. Question

    Since your home is your largest investment of both your money and time, you need to ask a lot of questions to the builder before entrusting them with your project. You can ask about the previous clients, past projects, budget, insurance, standards, membership etc. anything related. Also check whether their team consists of skilled designers, architects, artisans and other workers. Also talk in detail about the deadline and key handover before the implementation of your project.

  5. Communication

    A good builder always communicates with their clients often. Find a team with who will listen to your goals and vision and whom you can connect always. They must understand your needs and wants responding timely. Your communication could break throughout the building process if your builder takes long periods of time to respond to you. Your home can only be crafted to your needs and desire by a trusted builder who uses quality materials.

  6. Charge

    The overall charges must be calculated before starting the construction. Enquire about different charges including those of the builder. For renovation or extension of the project you may cost more. Cost in labor and materials, cost in specialist trades such as electrics and plumbing, site set-up costs, welfare facilities costs, costs related to scaffold, permits and permissions, element of profit etc. must be foreseen in order to match your budget. A builder who matches with your budget can be selected from the list.


    Gather quotes from the list of builders before hiring a qualified builder. Understand each quote and check whether they have included cleanup of the job site and finish work in the overall cost. Quotes mentioning about appliances, kitchen cabinets, flooring and windows etc. must be rechecked before giving approval.

  8. Experience

    Experience of the builder does matters when it comes to real estate and construction. If your builder has completed many good projects recently or if the builder has years of experience in the field then it is a good sign. Find out how many houses your builder has completed and the sizes of those projects. With experience a builder is able to deal with common problems that could arise with the building.

Being one of the Top builders in Thrissur, Kerala we have managed a lot of projects, keeping good relationships with our clients. Each of our project runs smoothly, progress well at a good pace and are dealt in a professional manner. You can contact us if you ever dream of a perfect home.