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Creative Ideas To Design Your Interiors

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Venture to any corner of the earth, and you will witness a Keratitis there. We return to the homeland with diverse ideas, and the architecture resonates with every part of the world. You may catch a mini white house standing tall in one of the streets. Similar to the architecture is the interior designing in Kerala. The top interior designers always keep on experimenting as their clients have huge expectations.

Though there are multiple interior design ideas, a few are agreeable to all. Designing your dream home has never been easier. Create a custom home designs that blends your vision with our expertise.

Here are the best interior designs for 2020

Neutral Colours

The idea of designing in Kerala is to keep a lot of free space yet accommodate the necessities. The best interior designers in Kerala accomplish huge breathable areas with neutral colours. Modern architects prefer to create a colour contrast with furnishing. Light colour walls with bright curtains, cushions, etc. can instantly elevate the aura and render positivity. Sometimes painting one wall in bright colour also does magic.


Though Kerala's people look forward to European architecture, still some corner of their home reverberates the traditional Nalukettu or Ettukettu  homes. 

Texturing has a vital role in providing the rustic feel of conventional homes. Textures like comb, orange peel, popcorn, and knockdown blend the old and new unique way.

Minimalist designs

The entire home, especially the living room, is devoid of clutter. All the crucial aspects such as space, furniture, accessories, and the colours are chosen, keeping in mind the room's area. The focus is on leaving most of the place vacant and working with minimalist furnishing. 

The best interior designers in Kerala look forward to simple living room designs. A compact TV unit and geometric furniture does most of the work. The other things are better lighting and a welcoming carpet.

Functional furnishing

Most interior designers focus on investing in functional furnishing. The sofa that may double up into a bed is the first choice. A bed with numerous cabinets or a bedside table that accommodates books is also a new favorite among designers. 

The same league is a folding table, an extendable dining table, or a bunk bed cum couch. Functional furnishing helps to save space and invite more fresh air and a positive aura into the homes.

Wall-less partitions

Unlike olden times, today, both the living and dining spaces are marrying into each other, creating an even larger area. However, there are temporary walls that separate these and yet keep them together. The interior designers highly prefer screens in fiberglass, metal, or wood as these lend a rustic and contemporary charm. 

A few indoor plants can adorn these, adding to the vibe. Apart from screens, curtains, blinds, open shelves, and sliding glass doors also elevate the aesthetics of your interior designs

Modular kitchen

Well-furnished or modular kitchens have become a necessity in modern homes. Even the old ones are being renovated with cabinets and shelves. These are highly functional and helpful for people spending most of their time in the kitchen. 

Also, these lend a neat and clean demeanor that is needed to cook the perfect dish. In Kerala, people prefer dynamic flooring and stone counters adding to the rustic charm. Moreover, the modern-day kitchens are more compact yet have space for each of the equipment.


Kerala houses hold a unique space for stairs. They are an utmost necessity, and most of these emerge from the dining space. Earlier the stairs swallowed a lot of space, but today, these play an important part in the designing aspect. 

Installation of railings, unique colour themes, and decorative windows render to the aesthetics. Comfortable stairs with low height are useful to all, and the cabinets beneath the stairs provide ample room for storage.

Kerala homes are never aligned in a particular trend as the top interior designers derive ideas from around the world to create the most unique and mesmerizing architectural marvels. AR interiors also strive to bring together design and functionality to render the perfect interiors. 

Connect with us for your dream space, and we promise to deliver par excellence.